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panther-bar disposable vape

Panther Bar Disposable Vape

The new Panther Bar with mesh coil and is available in 19 new flavors and has 20mg of saltnic. Panther bar disposable vape is small and compact and still manages to push out 800 puffs. Panther Bar Mesh Coil fits easily in your life and it is easy to use and with many different flavors. Panther Bar 800 mesh disposable pods are a convenient way to simplify your everyday life and maybe kick that nasty habbit of smoking.

In addition to award-winning quality e-juice, Panther Bars has new and revolutionary technology for disposable vapes using mesh coils. An advantage of mesh coils is that you get a stronger and longer-lasting taste experience that lasts throughout the e-cigarette’s lifetime.

Panther Bar is an alternative for you who are thinking about quitting smoking and do not want to use machines where spare parts such as e.g. coils or pods need to be replaced. Panther Bars work equally well as a first option or backup vape. Below you will find more information about the different flavors:

Nic Salts Vaping

  • Salt nicotine is regular nicotine in a base liquid that has an added acid that allows the nicotine to be absorbed by the body at already low temperatures.
  • Salt nicotine contributes to a smoother experience and is less likely to irritate the throat (so-called “throat hit”) due to its lower PH value compared to traditional nicotine solution.
  • Salt nicotine is preferred by many smokers as it satisfies cravings faster and more efficiently.

Panther Bar is manufactured by Dr. Vapes which is a well-known and award-winning e-juice company in the vape industry. They have long produced high-quality Dr Vapes e-juices with flavors of the highest quality. Now they are launching their premium disposable vapes Panther Bar to the Swedish market.

You can get Panther Bar at iSmokeKing or Engångsvape24.


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